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Current Student Registration
Prospective Student Registration
Course Reviewer Registration

Current Student

You will not be able to register a used CD Serial Number.
Do not attempt to buy an opened or used CD package.

Please fill out the Current Student Registration form ONLY if you are a student officially enrolled in an online course at a University or Community College, and you have purchased an unused CD package at your Campus Bookstore or Connect For Education Online Store.

Prospective Student

Please fill out the Prospective Student form if you are interested in taking a Connect For Education course in your State, but are NOT yet enrolled in a University or Community College. We will contact you as soon as a course opens in your area.

Course Reviewer (Instructors and Reviewers ONLY)

Please fill out the Course Reviewer form if you already have a review package with a Serial Number. WARNING: This is for Instructors and Reviewers ONLY!!